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I just finished a 3 day event in the Eastern Shore of Maryland with our food trailer. It was a regional Cowboy Action Shoot competition. We served your seafood cake and received a ton of compliments and repeat customers. They loved the flavor and texture of the cakes and were impressed with the amount of shrimp and lumps of crab meat. Thanks so very much for supplying us with a quality, affordable product.


Feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit...

 Again, thanks...

 Peter C. Senft

Chapter 850, VVA

Dover, DE

"I had to make room in my freezer for crab cakes"

Art Bonivini 

"These cakes are the best.  I can buy the best crab cakes in Virginia, and these are the best."
Bill Joyce

"I just want to let you know that my husband and I purchased your seafood and crab cakes from you at the Pa. Sportsman Show.  I never buy anything that is already made, much let alone something frozen.  They are absolutely wonderful.  My whole family loves both of them.  
Thank you so much!!!!!

Tammy Schmiedel

"The very best seafood cakes I have ever had! They were my Mother's Day dinner choice & as always they were delicious!! 

 Shirley Cortese- May 8, 2016

I haven't ordered the seafood cakes in years and just yesterday I thought about them and ordered them. I loved them. I already received my order whiched shocked me, and I am eating for dinner. I also ordered the lobster and shrimp cakes, can't wait to taste!

Gina McGlynn

Exceptional crab cakes; mind blowing flavor!!! Would recommend these to anyone!! Great for gifts and receptions!!

Jennifer Bogart

I purchased one box of each of those crabcakes to take home. I consider myself pretty experienced on crabcake eating, as I’ve tried them at many restaurants and in different states. Crabcakes are one of my most favorite food items. I just wanted to write and let you all know that I was extremely  impressed with how delicious these crabcakes are. They are so flavorful, so extremely easy to make, and they taste so fresh. They honestly are some of the best crabcakes I’ve ever had, even better than some seafood restaurants right along the shore. You guys make an amazing product. 

Jill Bunnell

Picked up a pack at the Annual Garden State Outdoor Sports Show. My wife and I are hooked! Absolutely delicious! Gonna need to reload soon.

Jer Soms

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